USB Sticks

Führen Sie den Gedanken des Green Marketing zu Ende und vermeiden Sie große Mengen an gedruckten

To avoid mass printouts and to follow the philosophy of green technologies, we have been developing USB Flash drives as the perfect solution.

In this manner every visitor receives an own congress branded
USB stick that guarantees a long-lasting memory effect of the event.
In order to be able to offer USB sticks on a fair price base with
good quality, our office in China manages the production of the hardware in Far East.

The sticks will be loaded and programmed in our headquarters in Vienna. We dispose of a mass data copy service that enables us to upload the requested data at any time, once the sticks are delivered. Thus even last minute changes are no issue at all: The capacity is about 5000 sticks within 24 hours.

Please propose this benefit to your industry partners: We offer the branding of hardware and software by using their individual design components.